Packaging design

As a packaging designer I have a very specific and unusual three year degree in packaging design from the very well renowned packaging and print production school Broby Grafiska,, in Sunne, Sweden.

I can do any structural design drawings, packaging or shapes, with considerations of the point of sale, durability, logistics and manufacturing of the product. I do sizing specific for your product and pick the style in mind what would best suite your products needs. If you have something specific in mind I can make up that box drawing for you adjusted for your products size and needs.

I got an international win in packaging design, issued by Esko Artwork, with over 500 contestants from all over the world, see picture below.

After my studies, I’ve been working in Oslo, Norway as a packaging designer and I am now running my own business, where I, beside my interior accessories, also do packaging design to my customers’ desires.

I have recently started a collaboration with companies in Perth, Australia, where I have very good connections. With the great internet connections in these days, and the digital world developing, everything is possible no matter where in the world you are and I want to fill in that gap with lack of knowledgeable packaging designers and do professional but yet imaginative design for private persons or small businesses.

Please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to look into your request.
You’ll find the contact form here.

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